The Steri-Trac® monitor is designed to operate as a stand alone instrument, but it is also designed to serve as a part of an integrated monitoring system. Up to eight Steri-Trac monitors can be connected to a central data acquisition computer (DAQ), and each Steri-Trac monitor can support up to three remote displays. The system has been designed to be fail safe, so that in the unlikely event that one component were to fail, the rest of the system will continue to operate normally.

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  • For Steri-Trac 1 area monitors please ensure that you have the correct gas type sensor installed in the area monitor ( Hydrogen Peroxide sensor [blue ring] instead of Ethylene Oxide [orange ring], etc.). This is especially important for intrinsically safe ethylene oxide sensors as they will not read in a standard ethylene oxide area monitor.
  • If you are using a remote sensor module please check that the wiring is in tact to the area monitor. A break or disconnection in the wiring will cause the sensor read error.

An error code of 0101, 0102, 0104, etc. means that there is a fault with the area monitor hardware. Please take note of when the error occurred and the conditions in the monitoring area when the error occurred and contact Technical Services for further assistance.

When the area monitor reads an error code of 0001, 0002, 0003, etc. this typically indicates a potential fault in the sensor hardware. If the sensor has just been exchanged there may be no defect in the sensor but if a delay between the time the sensor was shipped and the time it gets installed on the area monitor exceeds 1 week, the battery maintaining sensor bias may be depleted causing the sensor to read high, low or cause the monitor to display a “000x” error code. Before contacting Technical Services, plug the sensor into the area monitor and leave it attached for up to 90 minutes and monitor the readings. After a few minutes the monitor’s readings should start to normalize and they should return to a zero or near-zero state within the timeframe. After the readings have stabilized then the area monitor can be zeroed with the new sensor with no effect on the sensor’s calibration or accuracy. If after a period of 90 minutes the sensor has not begin to re-establish its zero point then contact Technical Services.

The common error codes and their meanings are:

  • 0001 – Sensor Type Mismatch: the wrong type of sensor was plugged into the area monitor, i.e. a hydrogen peroxide sensor was accidentally plugged into an ethylene oxide monitor. If this occurs it will not damage the sensor and the sensor will work correctly when installed into the proper monitor.
  • 0002 – Under Range: the sensor’s reading values are negative. This is typically the result of a sensor sitting too long before being exchanged or the presence of an interfering gas. If the sensor was just exchanged and an 0002 error is displayed, allow the sensor to stay on the monitor for up to 90 minutes so that the sensor can return to its biased state. During this time the sensor should return to zero or near zero and the readings will stabilize. Once the readings are stable then it is recommended to zero the monitor.
  • 0003 – Over Range: just as the sensor can read under range it can read over range for the same reasons: discharged bias battery or presence of gas. Follow the same procedure for under range readings and allow a recently exchanged sensor to return to its biased state. If the monitor has not recently had a sensor exchange and has been in normal operation, verify the possibility of gas exposure and follow your department’s safety protocols.

If the button on the monitor no longer functions to silence alarms or allow you to scroll through the alarm settings or zeroing function please contact Technical Services for assistance.

  • Check to ensure that the monitor is plugged in and that the power outlet is live using a desk lamp or other AC-powered device. If the monitor’s wall box is wired direct then verify that the circuit breaker is not tripped or switched off.
  • If the wall box is plugged into a Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) or surge suppressor power strip please verify that the UPS/power strip is turned on, plugged in and that any built-in circuit breakers are not tripped.
  • f you are certain that the power to the area monitor is on and correct, please contact Technical Services for assistance.

This indicates a power supply failure in the area monitor. Please contact Technical Services for assistance.